Some Clients NRDM Marketing has Done Work for



Monkey Beans Beachwear Australia

Monkey Beans Beachwear is a brand new start up business offering a beautiful range of beachwear for all ages designed by Nena Bailey. Her drawings are 'wearable art'. Nena hopes to become the next ‘big thing’ in surf and beach clothing and swimwear.

Marketing Strategy

NRDM Marketing is helping Monkey Beans in the following ways:

Marketing strategy—identifying target audiences and working out marketing strategies to reach them

Business tools—developing the tools needed to bring products to market

Social media—developing strategies to promote Monkey Beans on social media

Website marketing —looking at how best to showcase Monkey Beans products online

Excel SuperSite

ExcelSuperSite is owned and operated by Brian Krisanski who is an absolute Excel guru. It is a fantastic website resource for anyone looking to find answers on how to do anything in Excel.

Marketing Strategy

NRDM Marketing helps ExcelSuperSite by providing advice on marketing strategy.

“Nicole is very personable, professional, hard working and a great direct marketer.” Brian Krisanski, ExcelSuperSite

Better Accounting

Better Accounting is a firm of dedicated accountants based in Brisbane northside, delivering a range of accounting and taxation services to both individual clients as well as small business owners. 

Marketing Strategy

NRDM Marketing has had a long relationship with Better Accounting. NRDM Marketing has helped Better Accounting by keeping their website up-to-date. From time to time, NRDM Marketing has also run direct mail and letterbox drop campaigns for client acquisition and retention.

Wenatex Australia Pty Ltd

Wenatex is a European high-end bedding manufacturer, and during its 13 years of operation in Australia, it used a direct mail marketing model which consisted of inviting guests to attend a free seminar and product demonstration.

Marketing Strategy

During almost nine years of contracting to Wenatex, NRDM Marketing assisted Wenatex with direct mail, unaddressed mail, marketing strategy, copywriting, content strategy, digital marketing, marketing project management, event management, print and marketing stock creation and ordering, as well as any other marketing task required.

“In the 9 or so years we worked together, Nicole worked to complete hundreds of market projects big and small as part of my team. She is a highly organised thinker and planner and can use her amazing communication skills to get teams both internal and external to produce the job required on time and on budget.” Michael Wernicke, Director Sales & Marketing, Wenatex Australia Pty Ltd   

Stand and Deliver 

Stand and Deliver is more than your average mail house. They are a true communications company offering not only the latest in traditional print and mail technologies, but also communication services such as email and personalised landing page technologies.

NRDM Marketing and Stand and Deliver Mail have partnered to offer clients the very latest in cutting edge communication technology at very competitive prices.

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