Certified Practising Marketer


In today’s fast moving world, marketers are faced with some very tricky challenges. Australia is an expensive country to live and work in and businesses are faced with having to keep up with new marketing technology or being left behind by their competitors. Consumers are more savvy and demanding than ever, and marketers have had to take charge by becoming more proactive, professional, technical, and more specialised. As a result, marketers need support from an active and dynamic industry body. The marketing profession is fortunate to have that in the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). The AMI’s aim is to advance the marketing profession in Australia. It does this through membership, support, collaboration with the industry, workshops, and accreditations.

The AMI offers a professional benchmark qualification called Certified Practising Marketer (CPM). Being a CPM shows that a marketer is a professional and recognised by his/her peers for extensive experience and formal qualifications.

In return for this qualification, CPMs make a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain competitive advantage.

In 2009, Nicole Rety, owner and Marketing Consultant at NRDM Marketing qualified as a CPM with the AMI. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), and has over 20 years’ experience in the field. Nicole’s early marketing experience was gained in direct mail starting in a corporate role then in a mail house role. Since then, Nicole’s marketing skills have broadened to include email marketing, landing page development, content marketing, and digital marketing. She started her business, NRDM Marketing, in 2006 and was contracting until 2014. Since then, Nicole has been developing her business model to help SMEs achieve their marketing goals.

If you need the skills of a qualified and experienced marketer in your business, email or call Nicole.

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