Social Media Tips


Some small business owners think of social media as a chore, others think they have to be on everything and don’t do any of them well.

My advice to everyone in small business is that you need to get involved in social media. It is more relevant now than ever before, particularly as a result of the introduction of paid advertising, Instagram being the latest to introduce this into Australia

In August 2015, there were 14 million visitors to Facebook in Australia alone. Check out the stats at

Having said all of that, the hard part, like everything in marketing, is how best to use this channel to your advantage. Here are some tips on how you can minimise your effort and maximise your returns from social media:

  1. Do your research into who uses the different social media platforms, and match the social media platform with your target audience
  2. Separate your business from your personal – this might sound like common sense but you need to create a specific business page on each of the social media you use and post on your business page
  3. Put together a plan for posts for each of the social media platforms that you use, that is, make sure you have an overall message for your campaign, sketch out examples of what to post, how often, and make sure that every post has some kind of call to action
  4. Consider advertising in the social media platforms that you are using, but make sure you set a strict budget, and make sure your ads follow a similar campaign message to that of your posts.

I found a great article this morning which profiles the top social media platforms Check it out, it will hopefully help you work out which platforms are right for your small business.

Nicole Rety, owner and Marketing Consultant at NRDM has written this article. If you would like to speak to Nicole about social media marketing for your business, you can email her using the Contact Us form on this website.

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